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Скачать high resolution patch для fallout 2

Patch: Официальный патч для американской версии Fallout (1. Также патч правит отображение диалогового.

Вопрос: Действовал строго по инструкции, но после активации патча игра вообще перестала запускаться, постоянно вылетает на рабочий стол после первой же заставки. Любые изменения настроек в "f2_res_Config" ничего не дают - игра всё равно не запускается. Ответ: Просто удаляем присутствующий в игровой папке файл "fallout2. Cfg" и перезапускаем игру - теперь всё должно работать стабильно. Новый же конфигурационный файл, который будет создан игрой автоматически, повторно удалять не нужно.

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Способ проверен на двух разных версиях. Fixed a bug that may cause a crash when restoring a maximized window after adjusting the 2X scaler. Fixed a typo in Russian ScrnSet.

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Fixed transitional fade not displaying from Main-menu to Load screen. Made it possible to use Alternate Mouse Input with Sfall's graphic modes. Fixed scriptable button function which was scaling up the button position as the resolution increased beyond 640x480. Fixed a goof up from the previous version causing crashes when creating scriptable windows. Fixed a bug when using the 2X scaler with windowed mode, causing the game to crash when moving the mouse beyond the window border. Fixed a rare bug that could sometimes cause a crash when updating palette entries.

Adjusted transitional fade functions, in previous versions fade time speed was calculated before every transition, which is probably unnecessary in most cases. This should now only occur at resolution change. Added option to the config ini (FADE_TIME_RECALCULATE_ON_FADE). When enabled fade time will be recalculated before each transitional fade. Fixed a bug occasionally causing an inability to target an enemy with clear line of sight.

Patch Fallout 2 HIGH RESOLUTION PATCH Ver 22c увеличить разрешение в Fallout

Fixed a bug causing text in the interface-bar console to be cropped if a word was longer than the console width. Text is now cut with the remained being displayed on the next line. Fixed scriptable window functions which were scaling up the window as the resolution increased beyond 640x480. Added option to the config ini for alternative mouse input (SCROLLWHEEL_FOCUS_PRIMARY_MENU). When accessing inventory, barter etc. Makes the scroll wheel focus control on to the PC items list when mouse is not hovering over another list.

Added option to the config ini (FADE_TIME_MODIFIER). To decrease/increase transitional fade effect length. For alternative mouse input, fixed cursor position after using mouse menu. Added option in the config ini to reduce CPU usage.

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This is disabled by default as it conflicts with a similar function in Sfall. Removed the necessity to use windows message base mouse control over DirectInput.

Alternative mouse input is disabled by default. In the config ini, moved ALT_MOUSE_INPUT setting from MAIN to new section INPUT. Added option to the config ini, EXTRA_WIN_MSG_CHECKS to INPUT section to fix "NOT RESPONDING" error in windowed mode. Added for alternative mouse input, console message scrolling via mouse wheel.

Патч для поддержки высоких разрешений v21 Fallout 2

Added for alternative mouse input, weapon slot switching via middle button. Added for alternative mouse input, scroll various lists by page when holding middle button down while scrolling. Added button to f2_res_Config.

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Exe to open the f2_res. This should be useful for those with Win Vista+ and UAC_AWARE enabled. Fixed a bug causing the mouse to jiggle about. Fixed a bug causing the screen to flicker in some circumstances. Fixed a bug for non english versions causing text not to wrap in the in-game hi-res settings window. Fixed a bug causing a black box to obsure the screen in some circumstances. Fixed a bug causing incorrect mouse placement on the world map when using the 2x scaler.

Информация от магнет-торренте

Fixed a bug causing the world map to be displayed on top of movies in some circumstances. Fixed a problem with the DirectX9 mode causing the creation of the movie buffers to fail. Replaced Mouse DirectInput with Windows functions and messages. This is required for graphics modes 1 and 2 but optional for mode 0(basic mode). Made the inventory scrollable with the mouse wheel as removing DirectInput for the mouse killed the like functions in sfall. Improved performance when using the DirectX9 mode. Made the patch more UAC compliant, allows Win Vista/7/8 users to change setting under "Program Files" without needing admin privileges.

Various other minor tweaks and fixes. Added Russian translation text for the Screen Settings Window (ScrnSet. Fixed a bug causing some objects and tiles to be lighted incorrectly. Fixed a bug causing the DirectX9 window mode to fail when the fullscreen refresh rate was set to something other than 0. Fixed a bug causing window mode to crash when adjusting the window size with the x2 scaler enabled.

Информация от магнет-торренте

Fixed a bug which could cause non english text to be cropped in the widened interface-bar console. Fixed some dodgy code that may have been causing a crash when entering a map after adjusting hi-res settings. Removed the need to hold down a key when scrolling map view area. Scrolling is now disabled when another panel has focus, e. Opening the in-game menu. For Fog Of War - Made Misc objects always visible as with Walls and Scenery.

Added preliminary support for GVX's Chinese conversion. Fixed a bug in my world map code causing keyboard commands to fail. Fixed the pause screen for the hi-res patch. Fixed the vertical centring of windows when the main game window is not visible.

Modified the wide interface-bar console to handle multibyte characters. Added the option to play the game in greyscale. Added options to add Fog Of War elements to the game. Added new Graphic Output modes DirectDraw7 and DirectX9. Added the option to play in a resizable window. Added a basic scaling option. Overhauled the inGame Settings menu, adding some more options previously hidden in the f2_res. Added new graphics for the dialog screen which have had a border added.

Adjusted Main-menu to work with sfall's new ability to move menu buttons and text. Replaced the f2_res_patcher. Exe with f2_res_Config. Exe to edit hi-res settings outside of the game. Various other small fixes and code edits. Fixed a potential bug which may cause the splash window to not close.

Patch Fallout 2 HIGH RESOLUTION PATCH Ver 302 увеличить разрешение в Fallout 2 до 16801050 Ver 302 скачать торрент по magnet-ссылке

Fixed a problem with world map scrolling at 640x480 resolution. Added Russian language translation of ScrnSet. Msg to the Extras folder. Fixed a bug which sometimes caused only one word to be displayed per line in the console when using the wider interface-bar option. Added more display options for the interface-bar's alternate Ammo Metre. Fixed a bug which sometimes caused a blank screen when loading maps with multiple areas. Fixed incorrect placement of inventory/loot windows. Cleaned up mouse drawing beyond map edges.

Patch Fallout 2 HIGH RESOLUTION PATCH Ver 302 увеличить разрешение в Fallout 2 до 16801050 Ver 302 скачать торрент по magnet-ссылке

Added an option to increase the width of the interface bar allowing for a larger area to display game messages. Added 800 pixel wide Interface-bar Art created by Continuum. Adjusted the position of the Ammo Metre slightly so it is not drawn over the HP/AC counter rivets.

(WIP)Added an option to display an alternate Ammo Metre which is wider and changes colour depending how much ammo remains in your current weapon. Added an option to increase the display time of the splash screen. Added angled clipping to clean up some original maps. Fixed a couple of problems that may have caused movie and dialog screens to crash. Fixed crashing when scrolling beyond the map hex grid. Black areas are redrawn to removed artifacts when scrolling beyond the hex grid.

Added visible mouse pointer beyond the hex grid. Made a small modification to the artemple map edge file for original fallout2 maps. Major code overhaul, most of patch re-written and/or optimised. Fixed Splash screen display. Added scaling options for Splash, Help, Death, Ending Slides and Main-menu Screens. Added option to load 8bit bmp's on Splash screen.

Files for Fallout 2

Added option to set 32bit colour output. Text used in the Screen-Settings screen can now be edited in a msg file.

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Hi-res patch art and other files have been integrated into the fallout file system. And are now stored in f2_res. Dat and can be patched in the data folder. Added map edge clipping option to hide the unused area beyond the map borders.

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